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farhelp Features:
Remote Desktop
File Transfer
Private Chat
Multi Sessions
Route to another tech
512 Bit encryption
Q-Who should use Far Help?
A-Anyone wants to connect to another computer remotely.

Q- What is the default port for Far Help?
A: Port 80 port or Proxy 8080, any free port can be used

Q- Can I use different port other than 80?
A- Yes you can configure Far Help to work with any port, make sure you open the port on your firewall (Inbound). most firewalls blocks inbound traffics.

Q-Why do I need to open a port in my firewall?
A-Only target computer needs to open a port, same as port 3389 in Windows Remote Assistance (Remote Assistance will not work in case when the outbound traffic from port 3389 is blocked) same farhelp technology. don't forget Remote Assistance access client's session via Windows Messenger.

Q- Why Far Help not Remote Assistance ?
A- Remote Assistance require installation/Configuration and many related files (in most cases, depend) and user interactive (user name, password, and wait for connection) in some cases not secure.

Q-Is Far Help works in separate process after the connection?
A- No, after the connection is established Far Help works in same process under same user authority, also user can see every mouse movement and clicks, the reason from Far Help to assist and support clients.

Q-What Kind OS required for Far Help?
A-Far Help Support, all Microsoft OS.

Q-Does Far Help use cookies?

Q-How I know if my desktop shared by Far Help control?
A-You will see flash (Red-Yellow) on top-right corner of your screen, when the connection is closed you will hear beep.

Q-What is File Transfer (File Sharing) in Far Help?
A-Some times require to send or receive files for troubleshooting.

Q-We use private IP address in our company network (behind CISCO router), but we have DMZ with public IP
Also our clients have private IP address. how farhelp works with private IPs ?
A-You may need farhelp Virtual Server in your DMZ server to route from public IP to private IP. as shown or just open a port directly in your firewall router and route it to any PORT/IP you wish.

Note: farhelp Virtual Server small program less than 250 KB same as THIN-CLIENT.

Q- We have wireless router at work for small networking, we can't see any client?
A- Configure your wireless to allow Virtual Server to route Inbound TCP port to private IP address "private port" Make sure you enter correct internal IP. (please see your wireless manual)

Q- How I know if the port I'm using is accessible from outside?
A- There are many ways to know if the port accessible from outside or not please click here to see check open port if you see error message like this one Error: I could not see your service on YOUR IP ADDRESS on port (80) "This means your port 80 not opened for incoming traffics"

Q-What is the cost of Far Help?
A- $19.95 fraction of  PC Anywhere and other remote tools