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farhelp Features:
Remote Desktop
File Transfer
Private Chat
Multi Sessions
Route to another tech
512 Bit encryption
  farhelp is a leading edge technology in remote assistance solution and high-tech support tools for all IT technical support team to reduce the cost and time with ability to improve end-user productivity. farhelp is secure and easy-to-use tool for remote administration and home use.

Tools you need to support your customers

  Download FarHelp Remote Control farhelp is primarily being used for direct customer support over the internet or with in corporate LAN Environment. farhelp allow support team to access their clients’ computer in less than a minute and fix the problem remotely.

1-Access home computer
2-Easy to use
3-Fast and Reliable
4-No installation

Our remote access tools has many advantage over XP Remote Assistance
1-Easy to use
2-Fast and Reliable
3-No installation, configuration or connection file to exchange
4-NO Email, Messenger or Net meeting required.
5-Connect more than one client at a time
6-Route client to another tech support team
7-In many cases setting up XP Remote Assistance painful or doesn't work if one or more security settings/policy changed
8-Remote Assistance can not run on Windows 9x-2000 but farhelp does.